Over my many years of providing various relaxing services; I have been asked many questions percontaining to the type of services that I offer. I have tried to answer some of those questions here. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask.

    What can I expect during our session?

  • You can expect to be greeted with a warm and pleasing smile, a gentle hug, an enthusiastic personality, light conversation, and lots of special attention! You can also expect a comfortable and relaxing environment where the emphasis is completely on you!
  • If I wanted more information about your sessions?

  • I always appreciate when someone has something nice to share. I am particularly honored when they are kind enough to take time out of their busy schedule to write it down for others to see.

    Since I do travel a great deal, I had to come up with an known reviewing site, where many of the comments about my nice services can be seen, I currently decided upon The Erotic Review! (aka TER) for that overall services for now. There you will find some reflections of thoughts and experiences which may help you in discovering what package you might choose from my services and what might be in store for you when we meet. Hopefully you will enjoy their adventures and desire to have adventures of your own.

  • What are some things that are turn-off for you?

  • First, it's a big turn off when someone calls you and don't even know your name and just ask "Are You Available"? At least say hello introduce yourself; first impressions goes a long a long way with me! I'm a very picky person on who I wish to provide my services to, it would be nice to know that you have taken the time out and view my website (if you're reading this I guess you are) and get a chance to know me instead of having a long list of girls to call. Also I dislike it when someone asked for my rates or where I'm located or do I have photos. My website can provide you with all of that and more!
  • How do I prepare for my appointment?

  • On the morning of your appointment, please make sure that you call the number provided to confirm your appointment by (9:00am local time). Because I have a professional treatment practice, it is important that you arrive on time and not loiter in front of my location before your scheduled time.
  • Should I tip you as my companion/therapist?

  • It is customary to tip your therapist. You are not required to tip legally, but it can be considered a reflection of the quality of the services received.
  • Do you have any tattoos?

  • As much as I enjoy looking and admiring them on other people, I don't have any myself.
  • Why don't you show your face?

  • Outside of my Services I do have another mainstream career as a consultant with prominent firms, so discretion is upmost importance to me, as it should be for all involved. I respect my privacy, therefore my photos DO NOT and WILL NOT display my entire face. PHOTOS ARE INTENTIONALLY CROPPED TO PROTECT MY ANONYMITY.
  • Do you have a husband or boyfriend?

  • I do enjoy meeting the very kind Gentlemen and having a personal connection with each one of you, I feel with my regular (9-5) job which keeps me on the road from city to city on a regular basis (83 percent of the year), I have found it very hard to maintain a relationship to the level and degree that I would like to have.
  • Do you allow drugs at your sessions?

  • I do not see ANYONE under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Please refrain from indulging prior to your session. If I suspect you are under the influence while in my presence I will cancel the session without any refund. Please respect in order to keep my location drug free.
  • How can I meet you?

  • Before we can meet my safety and security must be ensured by my light screening and verification system.

    Getting verified is as easy as answering questions. This screening allows me the piece of mind needed for a relaxed and open meeting, but it also allows you the satisfaction of knowing I will remain exclusive to those gentlemen of high consideration who respect and allow screening. The appointment form expedites the scheduling process for us both. Please be truthful in your response.

    Sometimes, I have found that first time Gentlemen might not be able to provide me with a reputable verifiable reference from a previous Bodyworker or Independent provider whom you have seen within the past 6 months. With that in mind, I have enlisted the aid of a 3rd party verification system that I might refer you too. 411 Preferred, Date–Check or even to RoomService 2000 (for the Chicago area) all link can be found on my Links page of my website.

    PLEASE, rest assured these are not agencies just safety verification services that help with my screening process. I can assure you that they have the highest degree of discretion in their verification system! They will not share your personal information with me. This only services as part of the verificaiton process .Once you are verified your information is not longer needed and therefore destroyed.

    I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and cancel your appointment immediately if you don't understand or respect these guidelines. Please respect my boundaries as I do respect yours.

    Wow… that was a lot of information but I feel very valuable!

  • How long of session should I get?

  • Most of my sessions are about 90 minutes; I also offer 60 minutes and as long as 120 minutes. I'm happy to announce that I do not offer 30 minute appointment. I feel that the type of service that I offer, could not be done within 30 minutes without rushing. I like to enjoy myself and I'm not a clock-watcher.

If you have questions or concerns that I failed to mention, please email me and I will respond to you privately.