Are you tired? Had a day filled with stress and strain? Need to relax and unwind? Let me help you take the edge off. Relieve your tension. Allow my soothing voice and sensual touch to gently guide you from stress to relaxation, I have just the right touch to firmly rub out the cares of the world, while sensuously guiding the frustration from your body. I know exactly what you need and I will leave you breathless and totally refreshed.

The invitation is yours! Whether it is at the end of a hard day, a lunchtime diversion, or a mid morning pick me up before the day begins, I get great joy in giving you all the attention you deserve.

From the moment you cast your eyes upon this 5'9 38DD frame, wrapped in smooth caramel, dressed to appeal to your senses, you will know that you are in for an experience out of the ordinary. My environment is designed with you in mind. The aroma and ambience of scented candles, muted lighting, and sensual sounds immediately whisk you away to a stress free place where your comfort is of upmost importants! I thoroughly enjoy good conversation and would love to hear about your day. When you are ready to be treated like the king that you are, I am ready to take care of you.

Feel free to peruse through my Portfolio page and visit my Donation page for my rates and current schedule, this is also where you can take advanage of my very easy Schedule Form to book our special time together.

Thanks for viewing my site and I look forward to meeting you very soon!